UNLOCK interregional event in Mallorca  

13 november 2023

On the 15th and 16th of November, partners and stakeholders of the UNLOCK project will meet on the island of Mallorca to participate in a symposium on green H2 economy for SMEs, to visit a renewable hydrogen plant in Lloseta, and to discuss the progress they’ve made in helping SMEs participate in the hydrogen economy by improving regional policy instruments. The event is organised by the Mallorca Insular Council.

During the visit, participants will take part in a varied program that will provide ample opportunity to work together and share insights, but also to offer inspiration. The study visit takes place in the beautiful city of Palma.  

 Symposium on green H2 economy for SMEs 

On the first day, a symposium called “Unlocking green H2 economy for SMEs in European Regions” will take place. This includes two seminars to help participants share knowledge and insights into hydrogen valleys and SMEs competitiveness. This includes two seminars to help participants share knowledge and insight into hydrogen valleys. The first seminar is aimed at hydrogen implementation and human capital, focusing on training and employment in the hydrogen chain. The second seminar will discuss the challenges of developing a green hydrogen economy. 

Study visit to a renewable hydrogen plant 

Additionally, participants will visit a renewable hydrogen plant in Lloseta. The plant was opened in March of 2022, and plays an important role in the infrastructures required for a renewable hydrogen ecosystem on the island. This visit will give the participants valuable insight into the local hydrogen economy.  

Interregional learning & engagement 

During the second day, partners, together with stakeholders, will participate in two interactive, practical workshops focused on how to stimulate SMEs to participate in green hydrogen value chain.  In the afternoon, partners will meet at the Consell de Mallorca.  Here, the partners will have an opportunity to share updates regarding their progress in the project. At the end of the day, the members of the project will share the lessons they’ve learned and formulate the next steps in the project.  

In short, the study visit will not only be an enriching experience for all participants but will also bring the project closer to achieving its objectives: improving regional policy instruments to enhance sustainable growth, SMEs competitiveness and job creation within SMEs in the rapidly developing green hydrogen economies. 

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